Man-made vaginas

“For a constructed vagina to be considered acceptable by surgeons specialized in intersexuality, it basically just has to be a hole big enough to fit a typical-sized penis. It is not required to be self-lubricating or even to be at all sensitive, and certainly does not need to change shape the way vaginas often do when women are sexually stimulated. So, for example, in a panel of discussion of surgeons who treat intersexuality, when one was asked, ‘How do you define successful intercourse? How many of these girls actually have an orgasm, for example?’ a member of the panel responded, ‘Adequate intercourse was defined as successful vaginal penetration,’ All that is required is a receptive hole.”

Alice Domurat Dreger (2004) “Ambiguous Sex”—or Ambivalent Medicine? (137-153) In Health, Disease and Illness.


THIS IS NOT FEMALE. Vaginas have biological PURPOSE. Its other common name is BIRTH CANAL.

With thanks to Miss Andrist for this.



  1. Zeuge · · Reply

    And yet we keep hearing this huge post-surgery satisfaction stats! In every discussion we’re told how satisfied transwomen are with their manufactured holes. They hope this proves surgery is the right solution, but actually all it proves is that transwomen are okay with women being the sex class. They only see the “sex” part of women, and so they’re fine settling for that.

  2. Well, women aren’t supposed to orgasm or even enjoy sex anyway.

  3. trickortreat · · Reply

    The last time I heard the term “birth canal” it was said by my 90+ year old great grandmother in non-reproductive context of personal hygiene… merely to avoid the word “vagina” as if it were a dirty, evil thing like Lord Voldemort from the works of J.K. Rowling. The last time I heard “vagina” (besides all the time Human A&P 224) was from a friend: “Hey. Have you heard about the polls for Obama and Romney? I don’t know about you, but I’m voting with my vagina.”

    As a biology student, no thanks. I don’t think that the vagina or vulva or squamous epithelium or any of their other components are dirty. They’re just the structural and functional parts of an organ system…

    1. I have no problem with the word ‘vagina’. See > vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina

      My ‘problem’ is with people suggesting a vagina can be man-made. This much is clear from my post. At least, it’s clear to anyone with half a brain.

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