The graphic truth about ‘domestic’ violence

You might guess from the title that I’m not a fan of the term ‘domestic violence’. Violence is violence. Using the term ‘domestic’ undermines the gravity of the offence and makes it sound somewhat less awful than ‘street’ violence or ‘stranger’ violence.

A story appeared in my Twitter feed today which affected me deeply and which I’d like to share here. First, one of the photographs from said story:


Yes, this is an actual incident of ‘domestic’ violence taking place. This has not been staged by actors. That’s a real man inflicting that, a real woman suffering that, a real child witnessing that.

The rest of the photographs from the piece are just as harrowing. You can read the story here.

Violence against women and children is very real, extremely common, yet barely ever receives the media coverage and outrage that it rightfully should. That needs to change.


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