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Are transwomen women?

A good explanation, courtesy of Feminist Roar: Advertisements

‘Feminist mother’ is not an oxymoron

I’ve always been suspicious of people who declare themselves to be animal lovers – and usually have a veritable collection of four-legged friends to prove it – whilst disdaining children. Preferring the company of animals does not mean that you have to loathe children, does it? Believe me, I can well see the attraction of […]

For Party Crashers: Our Argument On Safe-Spaces For Women

(Headline and text copyright of The Lesbian Mafia. I’ve copied and pasted it in full below, with a link to the original Storify.) Since people do not READ anything and just go nuts we will make our point AGAIN that anyone can get into safe-spaces for women if we make the law and the policy that any […]