For Party Crashers: Our Argument On Safe-Spaces For Women

(Headline and text copyright of The Lesbian Mafia. I’ve copied and pasted it in full below, with a link to the original Storify.)

Since people do not READ anything and just go nuts we will make our point AGAIN that anyone can get into safe-spaces for women if we make the law and the policy that any person simply has to SAY they “identify as a woman” to get in. ANYONE, male, female, both, other, man, woman, trans, whatever spectrum you decide you are on, whatever you want to call yourself or whoever you are or were born, THE FULL SPECTRUM, ANYONE and EVERYONE will be able to utter these magic words and ALAKAZAM the doors to any safe-space for women must open. This UTTERLY compromises ALL safe-space for women.

We have to say it again and qualify ENDLESSLY because party crashers who come LATE and refuse to consider that we are having an ongoing DISCUSSION, do not want to talk, they want to flame, lie and slander. So we will say it again, ANY and EVERY mother fucker who simply says the magic words, “I identify as a woman” and it’s OPEN”SAY”SAME. ALL safe-space for women will be IRRECOVERABLY COMPROMISED. This is wrong and cannot be allowed to continue. Laws and policy can not be instituted that HAND any and everyone the keys to safe-space for women. We will continue to speak out about it and NOT stop talking about it no matter how many names you call us or hacking, rape and death threats you level at us. This is an agenda being pushed by trans-activists with the FULL support of the LGBTQ and feminist powers that be and it is WRONG.

If we need to clarify, we WILL clarify. This fight needs to be made clear. We are showing people what the agenda is. That it is BLIND. Trans people are not always the victims. That is false. They DO and WANT TO DO some fucked up shit sometimes, just like everyone else. You want EQUALITY, this IS equality, when you want to push a dangerous agenda that hurts all women then you don’t get a pass because your life is hard. Our life is hard too. You get held to the SAME standard as every other policy maker and agenda pusher. This stand CANNOT be turned into transphobia and we are very CLEAR about it.  ANYONE regardless of sex or gender, ANY MOTHER FUCKER can get in by uttering FIVE words. “I identify as a woman” and this compromises safe space for ALL women.

Via The Lesbian Mafia (Twitter: @TheLesbianMafia)


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