Children don’t have ‘affairs’ with their teachers

i paper This is the front page of today’s i paper, billed as ‘Britain’s first and only concise quality newspaper’.

Listen up, i paper: this man didn’t have an ‘affair’ with his pupil. An ‘affair’ is something which happens between consenting adults.

Jeremy Forrest’s pupil was 15 when he ABDUCTED her (13 when he first started teaching her). He has been found guilty of having sexual activity with a child. That this child was a pupil of his means that he also abused his power and position in a way which is wholly unacceptable (as the court found, hence his 5-year sentence).

Jeremy Forrest is twice his former pupil’s age. Upon sentencing Forrest, Judge Michael Lawson QC said: “You have contested the abduction charge, raising a spurious defence so that she had to give evidence, evidence very different in content from her original account and designed to support it.

She had clearly received assistance in relation to what she should say.” [My bold]

An ‘affair’, you say, i paper? More like an abuser taking advantage of a girl half his age. Please, do away with the Tabloid-esque headlines and tell the story as it actually is.



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  2. Seriously! This is a great post. I am so sick of these asinine headlines that continue to act as if male predation, violence and sexual depravity is somehow GENDER NEUTRAL. Name the agent!

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