Monthly Archives: July 2013

Women, know your place

Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas has changed its policy to allow transgender people to use the public toilets of their choice. This was reported with a sense of victory by Anna Waugh of, “the premier media source for LGBT Texas”. Anna Waugh’s article states: Transgender woman Paula Witherspoon got a ticket for using a […]

The victim game

A man has been granted an entire page on The Independent’s website to explain how he ‘fell into’ downloading sexually exploitative images of young teenage girls. This was his chance to atone for his actions; to apologise to his many victims; to make some sort of pledge to campaign against such images being made and […]


This is my response to a letter written to Catharine MacKinnon by Denise Brogan-Kator. For clarity, I have copied Denise Brogan-Kator’s letter below (in italics), and my response to each point follows. A few weeks ago I got an email from my friend and former law professor, Catharine MacKinnon. She was reaching out to me […]

Sexism at the BBC? Colour me surprised.

A sportsperson won a Wimbledon Singles title this weekend. In fact, it was her first ever Grand Slam win. A huge achievement for Marion Bartoli, even more so because she played the entire tournament without dropping a single set, a feat very few tennis players – male or female – have ever achieved. Unfortunately, the […]