Open Letter to Denise E. Brogan-Kator


Thanks for this. I did a piece on it also.
And Julian Vigo, radical feminists do not buy the myth that males are women.

Originally posted on when women were warriors:

He frames this as though the violence and hate speech is being exchanged in equal measure by both sides, similarly to the way the term "domestic violence” covers up what is in fact male violence against women most of the time. The violence and hate speech in question is going in the direction trans —-> radical feminists, but we cannot read Mackinnon’s original letter to see how she had actually framed her discussion with Brogan-Kator. Even if this is an accurate summary, we go straight to the next sentence, which is:


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  1. Julian Vigo has been pretty supportive about women’s rights with regards to transgender arguments. Her Counterpunch articles have been illustrative of this.

    1. Yes, I’m not denying that at all. I have read her Counterpunch piece. But this is the first time I’ve heard her say this about pronouns.

      1. I would be okay about pronouns coopting out of courtesy, and indeed used to be, before trans issues started into being legal sexual infringements. You are right, thanks for clarifying that. Men who think penis has the right of entrance into spaces where women are disrobed have entirely lost any credibility in the discussion, as have any women who have been sadly browbeaten into agreeing with them. People with penises, men, rape, and they rape a great deal, and men who call themselves women rape too.

        I think SRS is a bad idea, it doesn’t work very well, it’s expensive, it doesn’t leave people happier. Therefore trans activists should knock all of this off and accept their bodies and also accept the brutal fact that girls and women need protection from male humans with penises. It is not women’s fault that men reject some men as “real” males and it is not our fault that some men fetishize women. It should not be our problem and it is a kind of atrocity to attempt to make it ours.

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