Women, know your place

Paul Ray Witherspoon

Paul Ray Witherspoon

Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas has changed its policy to allow transgender people to use the public toilets of their choice. This was reported with a sense of victory by Anna Waugh of dallasvoice.com, “the premier media source for LGBT Texas”.

Anna Waugh’s article states:

Transgender woman Paula Witherspoon got a ticket for using a women’s restroom at Parkland last year. The incident helped prompt the hospital to add trans protections to its policies, which also extend to visitors.

What Anna Waugh failed to report, however, was that Paula Witherspoon a.k.a. Paul Ray Witherspoon is a convicted sex offender. His victims were two teenage girls.

So good ol’ Parkland Hospital in Dallas has changed its policy to allow men like Paul Ray Witherspoon to use female toilets to protect his “gender identity” at the expense of any teenage girls who might also be using said toilets. Where does the protection of girls come in Parkland Hospital’s list of priorities? Not very high, it would seem – certainly, their well-being matters less than pandering to the “gender identity” of men, otherwise this policy would not have come into being.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



  1. […] at length how gender identity harms females specifically.  There’s been multiple examples of males who are violent towards women transitioning and thus getting access to private spaces where females are especially vulnerable to […]

  2. This guy sounds like another “male lesbian” as they call themselves. This MAN is a hateful-perverted-misogynist and sex offender! This shitty incident just reinforces society’s reluctance to put women and girls first and to protect us. We have to protect ourselves. I guess we have to bring our weapons into the bathroom everytime we use it so we can protect ourselves from freaks like this GUY. He is disguising himself as a harmless trannie when he really is a dangerous man. Many male trannies/drag queens and mtf’s act like they are on our side when they just want to get into our good graces and eventually show their true misogynistic colors and hurt us in the end. Allowing a sex offender into a woman’s bathroom is a new one. He must be celebrating his male privilige victory! Our fight is not over yet however. Be wary of men hiding behind their “feminine” disguises, as they can be the most dangerous and woman-hating people over men!

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