I’m Convinced Amanda Marcotte is a Troll

Originally posted on The Arctic Feminist:


Last month liberal feminist opportunist Amanda Marcotte typed up this piece of shit exclaiming to readers who mainly didn’t give a fuck that a global group of women who call themselves radical feminists and generally adhere to the same principles politically do not exist!  Those of us who do call ourselves radical feminists aren’t MORE (she believes radical means ‘more’) feminist than liberal feminists like herself.  I found that a little queer seeing as myself and others definitely do exist, our principles and politics have definitely not become mainstream feminism at all and our revolutionary work of liberating the female sex caste from her sex caste oppression has yet to be achieved.  She censored only let those who would add to the discussion comment and thus radical feminists were yet again left wondering if we don’t exist, if we’re so out of step, if we’re just a few “reactionaries” (for…

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