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Children don’t have ‘affairs’ with their teachers

This is the front page of today’s i paper, billed as ‘Britain’s first and only concise quality newspaper’. Listen up, i paper: this man didn’t have an ‘affair’ with his pupil. An ‘affair’ is something which happens between consenting adults. Jeremy Forrest’s pupil was 15 when he ABDUCTED her (13 when he first started teaching […]

Letter to ITV regarding Ched Evans broadcast

Originally posted on zedkat:
[Content note: discussion of rape]   Update (10:20 23/4/13): Apparently ITV have decided to pull the slot about Ched Evans! Many thanks to those who contacted Calendar News. x Below is a copy of the email I just sent to ITV and the Calendar programme regarding the broadcast planned for tomorrow…

Women come last in Syrian refugee camps

… Julie Bindel’s latest piece in Standpoint. Harrowing stuff.

How the male orgasm is worth more than children

(GRAPHIC CONTENT) There was a story on the front page of my local paper this week about a man who is charged with possessing 3.5 million child porn images (yes, you read that right). This man is accused of making 14,450 indecent photographs and 6,023 movies classified by police as level five (this is using […]