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RadFem 2013: we didn’t kill any men

On 8th & 9th June 2013 a conference for radical feminists was held in central London. ‘RadFem 2013’, as it was termed, aimed ‘to re-build a radical feminist movement and support the re-emerging interest in radical feminism among women.’ Its organisers claimed to be ‘committed to building a strong and vibrant women’s liberation movement and […]

Yes, men ‘of sound mind’ do commit murders

I’ve never studied criminology, psychology or sociology (or any -ology, for that matter) but I do read the papers. I read about murder every single day. I read about women and children being raped and murdered in war zones. I read about schoolchildren being murdered in their classrooms. I read that two women per week […]

Letter to ITV regarding Ched Evans broadcast

Originally posted on zedkat:
[Content note: discussion of rape]   Update (10:20 23/4/13): Apparently ITV have decided to pull the slot about Ched Evans! Many thanks to those who contacted Calendar News. x Below is a copy of the email I just sent to ITV and the Calendar programme regarding the broadcast planned for tomorrow…

The graphic truth about ‘domestic’ violence

You might guess from the title that I’m not a fan of the term ‘domestic violence’. Violence is violence. Using the term ‘domestic’ undermines the gravity of the offence and makes it sound somewhat less awful than ‘street’ violence or ‘stranger’ violence. A story appeared in my Twitter feed today which affected me deeply and […]

Women come last in Syrian refugee camps

… Julie Bindel’s latest piece in Standpoint. Harrowing stuff.

Reasons for being a feminist #2

Cis? My arse!

A good few years ago, I joined a well-known UK-based feminist website. I was hoping to find like-minded women, as well as keep up to date with current feminist issues. One of the first comments I made on that site was about a pregnant ‘man’. I use the quotes because this pregnant person was not, […]