Do you hate all men?


Do you wish to eradicate men from the face of the earth?


Do you want to stop those men who rape, torture, murder and otherwise abuse others?

With all my heart, yes.

But men have a sex drive which you can never understand.

You are a rape and/or porn apologist.

What does ‘sex not gender’ mean?

Sex is biological. Gender is a social construct. ‘Gender roles’ (i.e. masculine and feminine) constrict us all, whether female or male. We should all just be as we want to be. For example, women should be able to shave their heads and eschew make-up without being denigrated for doing so (because men are not unfairly discriminated against for doing that).

Do you hate trans women?

Trans women are men. See answer to (1) above.

But you wish to erase them completely.

No, I don’t.

You deny their existence.

No, I don’t. I deny that they are women, which is an entirely different matter.

But if someone identifies as a woman, why can’t you accept that?

Sex cannot be changed, even if a hole is surgically dug out of a man’s nether regions. A man who says he is a woman and demands women accept this is a misogynist. A man who says he is a woman and demands entry to female-only spaces (including public toilets and changing rooms – yes, this does happen, frequently) is a man who believes his individual feelings matter more than the 50% of the population who are female. I have no time at all for such egotistical individuals.

That is transphobic.

No, it’s arsehole-phobic. And male-entitlement-phobic.

I am a squirrel.

That’s lovely for you.


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